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Feedback wanted on my game: Infinigma

2012-06-16 22:14:01 by Weenog

shameless self promotion time, just finished the gameplay trailer for a point and click game i'm creating


The finished project will hopefully be posted here as a flash file on newgrounds one glorious day, probably many years from now. for the trailer shows the workings of only the first chapter,

any questions will be gladly awnsered in the comments below.


2012-01-22 16:12:19 by Weenog

Here's my second animation short, unfortunatly i can't get it on Newgrounds becuase i can't shrink down the file down to an acceptable size.

if any computer-wiz's out there happen to read this and wants to help me convert the avi to a small enough flash one. please let me know

enjoy. fNvI&feature=plcp&context=C37dc5d2UDOE gsToPDskIGfx6WZ-_YW1N4MO_Gbl1B

Here it is..."Duality Complete"

2010-07-06 02:23:40 by Weenog

After nearly a decade on this site, i'm proud to present you with my first animation short. It's something ive been looking forward to to sharing.

here's the NG link

unfortunatly, the quality is heavely reduced in this flash version. so here's a link to the youtube version just for quality's sake. (only ng makes the credits though ^^)

cheers and i hope you like it ^^


2010-01-09 06:50:12 by Weenog

A dude here on Newgrounds named Ben5500, discovered one of my drawings in the art portal and decided to make a tattoo out of it. I'm quite flattered i must say.
Thanks Ben ^^

here's a pic.