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Feedback wanted on my game: Infinigma

2012-06-16 22:14:01 by Weenog

shameless self promotion time, just finished the gameplay trailer for a point and click game i'm creating


The finished project will hopefully be posted here as a flash file on newgrounds one glorious day, probably many years from now. for the trailer shows the workings of only the first chapter,

any questions will be gladly awnsered in the comments below.


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2012-06-16 23:58:35

The game looks incredible even if I am unsure what it is about (humanity development perhaps?).


2012-06-17 11:24:32

Wow. That looks amazing, great music too!

Weenog responds:

thanks ;)


2012-06-17 14:30:45

I love the visual style of this game!
Looks amazing so far.

Let us know if you need beta testers...

...and thanks for sharing!

Weenog responds:

thank you, it will take a wile untill i get the gameplay running smoothly, but i"ll definatly let you guys know eventualy ^^


2012-06-17 17:01:41

Hey man! Looks amazing! I was curious to if you needed any voice work done?

Weenog responds:

Hey, thanks for the offer, but i don't think i'l be using any voices in this game. i have been flirting with the idea of the monkey discovering the gift of speech and being able to converse in weird ambigious dialogue options, sometimes even with inanimate objects, but even then this would be purely text based. i feel real voices would break alot of the mystery


2012-06-17 17:01:45

I think I had an out of body experience. o_o

Weenog responds:

hehe, thats a good thing i take it ^^


2012-06-22 00:06:42

Looks amazing, I'd also be very interested in beta testing in the future, so hit me up if you need some.

Weenog responds:

will do, but that might be a long way from now ^^


2012-06-22 00:06:42

Looks amazing, I'd also be very interested in beta testing in the future, so hit me up if you need some.


2012-07-04 06:44:26

That looks awe-inspiring, you have such vision to be able to pull off those aesthetics. Did you specially research the significance of the qabalah and all the other symbols in this game, or were you already knowledgeable about much of it and translated what you knew to the game? Just curious as to the consciousness behind the game. I'm looking forward to it when it's completed.

Weenog responds:

thanks you very much. im realy into finding similarities and patterns in opposing religions, belief systems or conspiracy theories. i know alot of little things about many of them but i'm far from an expert on any single one. I kindof started making this as a way to force myself to research deeper into all of these things that fascinate me and sort of give a visual shape to mental connections ive made. it's also a project that is only planned out in my head at all times, so each time i learn some new information i can implement it easyer then if i had planned everything from the start.


2012-10-20 12:04:00

Looks awe-ing and sounds gorgeous, I'll definitely fav you and wait for that game to pop up in my message one day.